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Бангладеш начинает в следующем месяце экстренную тройную, дополнительную вакцинацию 18 миллионов детей от полиомиелита, живой прививкой.
Причина - первый зарегистрированный за шесть лет случай паралитического полиомиелита у 9-летней девочки (предполагается, что дикого).
Теперь внимание: заболевшая девочка была ранее привита от полио ДВЕНАДЦАТЬ раз. (sic!)

Ранее на эту тему: Полиомиелит: пагубная самонадеянность
Статья из Вашингтон пост - под катом.
Bangladesh to Resume Polio Vaccine Push
By PARVEEN AHMEDThe Associated Press
Saturday, March 18, 2006; 7:19 PM
DHAKA, Bangladesh -- Bangladesh will vaccinate nearly 18 million children against polio beginning next month, health officials said Saturday, after detecting the first case of the crippling disease in nearly six years.

Children under the age of five will be vaccinated during three nationwide immunization days _ on April 16, May 13, and June 11, a joint statement by UNICEF and the World Health Organization said.

Bangladesh carried out extensive vaccination programs from 1995-2004, with the last polio case reported in August 2000, according to the government and the WHO.

But the country's efforts to be declared polio-free were thwarted with the recently identified case of a 9-year-old girl who became paralyzed by the disease.

Laboratory tests earlier this month confirmed the disease in the girl in eastern Chandpur district, Health and Family Welfare Minister Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain said Friday.

A local health official said the girl developed signs of paralysis in January after coming in contact with a family who had recently visited India's Uttar Pradesh state.

She was infected despite taking 12 doses of polio vaccine during previous vaccination drives, said the official, Abdul Mannan.

Last week, health workers vaccinated 215 children at the girl's village as a precaution, Mannan said.
The planned nationwide immunization drive is meant to prevent the virus spreading to neighboring areas, officials said.
Polio is spread when people _ mostly children under 5 _ who are not vaccinated come into contact with the feces of those with the virus, often through water. The virus attacks the central nervous system, causing paralysis, muscular atrophy and deformation and, in some cases, death.

WHO says polio is still endemic in India, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan.
Last year, some 1,880 people were infected with polio worldwide, down from more than 350,000 before 1988, when WHO launched an anti-polio campaign.
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